Had been wanting to use the sailboat painting from the Simpson’s living room in a piece for quite a while. Mr Sparkle seemed a good fit. Plus I’d had a request for a Mr Sparkle painting…



It’s an older one (almost a year even), but I stumbled across the photo today and figured that it needed to come out of the shadows…

If I had more time available, maybe it wouldn’t take me 7 months to complete a painting… Still! On to the next one!




He’s a convenience type store logo in New Zealand – made famous by NZ artist Dick Frizzel. Not trying to riff of of him – just playing around with some colours…

R.I.P Chris Amon

Posted: August 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

A great life, very well lived.




It’s quite some time since I drew these us, but this is the last one. Closure bro! and onward and upward!! and pash the antelope!!!


More skulls bro. Just can’t help myself. Another faff about with colour – and form! Easy there turbo!