Kei-van coolness in Machida, Tokyo.

Posted: October 8, 2008 in car life
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Since arriving in Japan Ive come to understand the worth of kei-class vehicles. Tax & registration advantages aside, the lack of road width makes a narrow track getabout make total sense. In a country with wide open spaces, some of these cars & especially vans look as though they may experience strife in a moderate side wind, but here the proportion is just right. Side winds are not too much of a problem when the street is 8 metres wide with 3 storey houses lining it. Conversely, the American (Amerikajin?) influence is strong here, partly due to the amount of Americans stationed here, the rabid car culture and general interest in things American among many of those born in the last 40 years. So, quite frequently you’ll see totally inappropriate American iron thugging it’s way through streets barely wide enough for a Toyota Crown. Hummers in Tokyo? Really? Wasnt a Nissan Patrol big enough? Anyway, Im even boring myself now…

Sooo… here’s the answer, in the car park of Shelbys No.20 in Machida in western Tokyo. This van is almost perfect to my way of thinking. So Cal style with hints of Bonneville! I didnt have time to go into the store, but Im heading back soon.

Not sure which I like most – wheel treatment, fake side pipes, real painted graphics…

…possibly the graphics, but then there is the fan, the dice, the wheel…

That rear door looks pretty kustom, but the skull makes it perfect. The details on this are awesome. This van deserves a custom shoe!

When it comes to used tyres, bigger is probably better.

Tbc.. in fact, I may pay another visit on Saturday…

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  2. Ry says:

    I wanna know where to get white walls like that for my Kei van.
    Those are awesome.

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