l like my neighbourhood…

Posted: October 20, 2008 in car life
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Here are some shots from Bee*R that I took the other day. Bee*R is just around the corner from where I live. So I stalk them pretty regularly. And they are very nice about it. So far.

Tsuyoshi Tezuka’s D1 Skylines. Yep.

Those crazy Skidboys…

The Bosses everyday Hachiroku notchback. It is definitely everyday – I see it here pretty much every time I go past.

Meanwhile, further up the road, past the corn…

…is M Sport, of race & rally fame.

I took this lurking about in a side street. Figured my life needed some glamour.

Further up the same road is Shelbys No.20, back near Bee*R is a Monster (Tajima) Motorsport workshop, then there is the scooter customizing place…

  1. katjusha says:

    wiiu..ure lucky to live there:D…Tsuyoshi Tezuka’s D1 Skylines…waw like it…would love to take a ride=)

  2. pigsofdarkness says:

    So would I… the automotive scene here is nuts. Even just a walk, or drive, or bike ride will unearth some of the coolest vehicles you could hope to see.

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