Not such a fool to believe…

Posted: November 5, 2008 in car life, F1, IRL, politics, Super GT
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All day I didnt want to sucker myself by thinking that the American public hadnt dropped the ball (so to speak). After all, Bush the Minor got back in ‘owt 4. But no! Nice one Americans! Nothing but net (as it were)!

I pinched the b ball theme from Supertouch, who also posted a fine interview with Shepherd Fairey this week.

Sunday was a little similar, not quite prepared to believe that McLaren had their first drivers championship since ’99. The race was a nailbiter enough, but who really could be totally confident that the FIA wouldnt find some bollocks to penalise Lewis Hamilton and hand the tltle to a Ferrari driver? Im sure they wouldnt mind which one. And even if Glock had slowed purposely, the points lost in the Spa debacle had been returned, so the right driver won. Although I think a hell of a lot more of Massa now. He can win next time. I dont mind.


Similar again was the IRL not so long ago with memories of ’07s strategic masterstroke. IRL races are at really antisocial times when you are in Japan. Apart from Motegi… I couldnt continue my photos of the potentially embarassing past theme in my Google search for Scott Dixon & am scannerless right now, so settled for this masterpiece. Publicists aye?


Omedeto Gozai Masu lads!

Hopefully I’ll be posting a photo of the 23 car after Fuji on Sunday. First Super GT race for me. Quite a month this is!


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