Better late than… later.

Posted: November 12, 2008 in gettin' shirty, Ocker Taxi Derby, Super GT
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Paul Radisich finally has a biography style story commited to paper, penned by Sandy Myhre and released in September. Ive been hoping for this for some time as Paul’s career is worthy of far more recognition than has been shown thus far, but concerning the NZ media it would be best not to expect too much. Denny Hulme still hasn’t been shown his due and he… well, anyway. Nice one Paul. And Sandy.


Not sure about those fonts and always hated that Australian nickname, but certainly worth handing over $$ for. I watched the Motors TV wrapup of the ’95 BTCC a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of how much of Paul’s career was spent over performing in underperforming Fords.

Speaking of which, when he signed for TKR in 2005, I was full of all things joyous and designed a Nice One Cobber t shirt as the white detailed car livery on black suited my single colour stencil style garage screen printing operation. Typically it took me 3 years to finish the design and get the screen made. By which time the TKR deal had gone to crap and I’d gone from supporting the team to wishing they would go away. In current form at least. Still, Radisich will always be worthy of status, so I printed a couple of shirts before leaving for Japan. And thus, wore my Paul shirt for the first time in August 2008, in Tokyo.


Unfortunately Paul’s season is a bit screwed now after another big biff at Bathurst (crap – Im sounding like Clint Brown. Nooooooooo!), but it would be flash as all hell to see him competing at Le Mans or in GT’s before he gives it away. Super GT? Go on. It’s not always cold.


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