Unsurprisingly, the Japanese media today is full of Honda’s withdrawal from F1. Maybe they got a bit tired of looking foolish with 2008 being ruined by another rubbish car? Seems an awfully long time since these days…


Some of the quotes since have been entertaining. Nick Fry, for instance:

“This is a completely different situation from prior Formula 1 teams stopping. This team is one of the best funded, has the best assets, the best resources in the pit lane, a fantastic group of people, and a car designed by Ross Brawn, who has won many World Championships, and is ready to go next year. I think we are going to be a desirable asset for somebody. We are very hopeful that this team is going to take a big step upwards, so it is a big opportunity for somebody. This is all to do with the financial situation in the world, and as you know all the motor companies are being struck very hard by falling sales. Clearly more success on the track would have been nice, but this is a much-bigger-picture issue.”

Best funded? But without an actual major sponsor, hence the “My Earth Dream” bollocks. And they may well have had “best assets”, “best resources” and no doubt many fantastic people, but for the past couple of years have had one of the worst cars. “More success on the track would have been nice”? Well yes, I thought that was the point.

And Bernie!

“I think Formula One is in no bigger crisis than any other company throughout the world.” “The world is in crisis at the moment, but it wont stop, the world wont stop, that’s for sure.”

Heh. He’s older than most… 18 cars on next years grid could be considered a bit of a crisis, but he’s right – the world most likely wont stop.


I wonder what Toyota’s money people are thinking these days.

Grand would be my recommendation for fluff free insight as things get interesting over the next few weeks.


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