BMX Monday…

Posted: December 15, 2008 in car life, kidsbikes
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Some cool stuff on SPRFLS blog today.

Heh – G-Sport George is a funny feller. Say no to Jaysus indeed!

& Russ was right – Kris Bennett rules.

I have one Bicycle Motocross Action die cut visor sticker left from my first year of BMX, which would look perfect on this Nissan Gloria…

I really want this car. Anyone want to pay over the odds for a painting of some daft looking red-eyed pandas conceived in a dubious manner? The car is on the Flyrat lot in Machida, Tokyo. It is sunny as all heck today (but 9 degrees), so I will mosey on by there this afternoon to see if they have anything new (well, old, but, anyway…) & post some more in the next couple of days.

And… Nike Lightning Bolts Hollywood finale via fatbmx.


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