Red Pandas

Posted: December 17, 2008 in car life
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Hachi Roku’s are thick on the ground around here. Ive seen plenty of white/black Panda AE86’s on the streets, but being a bit slow on the uptake, have yet to photograph one…

Most here are pretty businesslike looking too, it’s pretty cool seeing a full caged Hachi Roku growling away in morning traffic at the Route 16 lights that Im waiting at quite frequently.

These were all captured at rest, because, as I say, Im a bit slow.

This was parked in a factory carpark up the road from Flyrat, which I will get on to in the next few days.

Apartment car park near Shelbys No.20.

I saw this one on my second day in Japan, in July, near the local supermarket. It was 42 degrees that day – 34 warmer than today…

Next to the Sakai Gawa cyclepath, near my place, as I was pootling along on my jitensha, enjoying weather that was far superior to now.

These two were also next to the Sakai Gawa cyclomichi, but about 12km north. I was enjoying my jitensha travels that day.

Up the hill and ’round the corner from mi casa. I didnt take a photo from the front because it had a rust hole in the bonnet. But Im feeling ruthless, so I might go back and do just that…


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