I think I love KN’s Factory…

Posted: January 26, 2009 in car life
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They gave me my first JGTC experience, allowed me to get up close & personal with the Nissan Can Am machine I’d always wanted to see & even introduced me to my first Tommy Kaira ZZ. A couple of weeks age I passed by and found this:

Why that would be a Nissan R380-II from 1967! I wasnt able to get inside this time, so indulged in rampant clickery from the wrong side of the glass. It did give me an idea of how low this fellow is – 985mm (according to the Nissan Heritage site) That is 38.77 inches (or 0.1959 rods, as it happens), so it could limbo past the skyscraper GT40 with an easy inch to spare.

The engine code was GR8, which perfectly sums up a 2 litre inline six, with triple Webers, enclosed in a body that could make you shout “Hoots Mon!” if you were so disposed.

Bet they wondered about the face prints on the window when they came in the next day. If they will keep displaying cars like this when there are Nissan otaku living in the area…

Because I suck, I didnt make it back to take more photos from inside the shop, whilst the R380 was still there. I will return in the next few days however, because when I drove past yesterday I saw that this car has been replaced with a R90C…

There are some more of this motor, plus some more KN’s finery in my flickr KN’s Factory set.


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