Small and strangely formed.

Posted: March 12, 2009 in car life, Super GT
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But cool and accompanied by some tasty jp can coffee all the same.

Combini vigilant Mike Garrett at Speedhunters posted about these a week or so ago, so I have now fallen under the spell of Boss canned coffee. I would even buy it now without the sweet Super GT plastic kitchen table-abouts on the top.

One red can gits you a Choro-Q sized GT-R, NSX or that ugly Toyota thing…

Here are four of the five smaller Nissans. Had to visit a couple more combini for the Hoshino car.

But did manage to track it down,so all is good in this hood.

Here are the other small versions. So you could even go and buy the non-Nissans. If you wanted to. For some reason.

If you purchase yourself a twin pack of gold cans (they all taste the same to me), you get a 1.64 plastic cat-baiter. Only two of each marque, one in test (non) livery and a warpaint version.


Must be something sneaky in that coffee – feeling a bit thirsty…


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