Last time we were at Shelby’s No.20, Big Boss Okuyama san mentioned that his muscle car buddies have a bit of a carpark gathering on the third Sunday of each month. Then winter arrived & standing about in a car park didnt seem too appealing.

Well, now it’s spring. There are many reasons why I like spring, being the lead in to summer being the main one, but now I have a new one.

Not Mopar, nor Muscle, but on a sunny Sunday, a beach buggy gives a fellow funny ideas. Okuyama san seems quite fond of it.

After pointing us toward the farty yellow machine, Okuyama san peeled back some of the covers on car looking shapes in the shop car park…

If I had a ’68 Challenger, I’d probably park it next to a ’69 Charger too…

I mentioned to the missus that we need a car like this. Usually she wastes no time in discouraging my potentially fiscally irresponsible flights of fancy, but Im not convinced that I didnt see a smile and a slight nod. So Im taking that as agreement that in a year with an aka-chan on the way that I should be figuring out some way to own a black 1969 Dodge Charger, or at least some sort of automobile from this era with a Hemi V8…

…like a 1970 Roadrunner fer instance.

The first guest car to arrive also had a live axle.

Meh. But the owner was cool. Same colourway (!) as Okuyama san’s ’68 Shelby GT500. At least Roush gets rid of the cart suspension when they hop up the new ones. Unlike Shelby…

This was the next arrival. Word!

The interior of this car was pretty mint, so here’s a better look at the seats…

We heard this GTX some time before we saw it.

This would be such a badass machine to see thundering past on a Japanese expressway.

The Valiant in the background arrived just after the GTX. Check out that stance!

Flex Support indeed.

This Valiant is pretty much perfect.

I had “if that car was for sale and I had the money…” thoughts about every car here, except the Mustang, but this car, well.

Watashi wa infatuated desu.

Sometimes Japan is just like every other auto obsessed nation.

Couldnt finish without including Okuyama san’s killer office kei-van.


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