Flyrat 1. The Hakosuka Patina.

Posted: May 29, 2009 in Hurui Kuruma
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I threatened several months ago, after posting a shot of a fine Nissan Gloria that I’d taken a fancy to, to post some more stuff from Flyrat in Minami Machida. A visit to Flyrat this past week has spurred me into some form on action. Wot ho!

Also a few months ago at Flyrat, I saw an Hakosuka GT-R being unloaded from a flatbed. This was my second spotting of an Hakosuka in the metal (the first was a few minutes before my first F40 experience, but that is another issue entirely).

This week’s little bit of specialness was a resto project, all set for some grinding:

Like the graceful ageing of a voluptuous starlet (no – not a Toyota). Or maybe Im getting carried away…

Next up will be a selection of some other Skylines Ive seen here. Then Hachirokus, then track cars, then…


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