Of Doom!!!

Or at least, of very big brakes, as Fukushima San of Grand Slam Pro on the edge of Yokohama pointed out. “Hard Tune” was also mentioned…

The bonnet scoop & grill are unique to the Minami (South) Kanto RNN-14 Owners Club. If you can judge an owners club by their bespoke bonnet scoops, I’d say that they must certainly be a collective of smooth operators.

Fukushima San intoduced me to Takihiro Inamoto San, the owner of this car, when I was lurking about Grand Slam a few days ago. I immediately began babbling about my Pulsar love, especially that for GTi-R’s, then regaled them with tales of carting the (at that time prospective) inlaws about New Zealand in my old N13, while they did a good job of looking interested (Fukushima San & Inamoto San that is – the inlaws spent their time trying not to look too appalled.).

The Australians tagged the R32 GT-R “Godzilla” after having their touring car series ripped asunder in the early ’90’s. Which got me to wondering about this Kaiju Kuruma…

Gamera? Manda? Guiron mebbe?

Actually, Im pretty sure I saw MechaElvis drive past in a lowered Silverado later that day, but was too shook up to get snap happy.

Whilst on the monster trip… It all just depends on how quickly you want to stop, really. Quite often when looking at hopped up cars, you’ll see something that puts a dirty great smile on yer dial. Mostly, that is more to do with Go rather than Whoa, but these brakes deserve a prize. Radness.

Not monster tuned, but enough to go like a Gamera. Or a Guiron. & definitely better tha MechaElvis’s Silverado.

This plaque is a limited edition of… one.

And no self respecting collective of smooth operators masquerading as an owners club in Japan would be complete without a smoothly executed carrybag. Ideal for carrying aboot…

…copies of Option2 featuring your kuruma.

The club that gets coverage together stays together.

I dont think Inamoto San knows that I took this photo, so if I post in the near future complaining of a ninja style beat-down…



Okii arigato gozaimasu to Inamoto San.


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