Kei Time.

Posted: October 20, 2009 in car life, Chiisai Kuruma
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Ive already posted about my fondness for Kei-class vehicles. In Japan (perhaps not so much in some other places) they make perfect sense. Especially with the taxing system that penalises larger displacement engines. Which makes the sporty Kei’s all the more alluring.

This awesome Autozam was in at Grand Slam Pro in Machida a couple of weekends ago.

Gullwings on a car this tiny are the coolest thing. This car also had a “Toshiori” badge in the rear window which is required by the Japanese powers that be to alert other road users that the driver of the vehicle is over 70. Given what I have experienced of elderley Japanese on cycling exploits, that is likely quite wise, but if an older chap owns a fine kuruma like this one and ingress & egress are able to be performed without problem, then he doubtless can perform on the road better than 90% of those half his age. The guy who owned this car was the coolest. He lifted the hood to show me uprated strut braces. “Touge?” I enquired. He just chuckled.

Mazda and Suzuki collaborated on the engine that went into this and also the Cappucino. Funny how they went in such different directions. Even down to the name – “Autozam”! is just comic book bitchin’, whereas “Cappucino” is hairdresser lame. Of course, some Cup-of-chino’s transcend the crappy moniker, being more steroid-ripped prison tatooist than hairdresser…

I spotted this Kaiju-chino at the ever enlightening Flyrat in Minami Machida a couple of months ago.

Kei muscle. Never thought I’d say that of a Cappuchino.

Much as Ive not been a fan of Cappucino’s in the past (the Kaijuchino as swung me ’round somewhat), Ive always had a hankering for the Honda Beat.

To copy & paste from my West Yokohama Honda Beat Shop flickr set – ”

Abe San takes Beats, strips ’em to a bare shell, adds new parts, rebuilds everything mechanical & creates a new car. Plus he can communicate with a Nihongo manus like myself.

Word indeed.

This one had done about 70,000km before this…

…so basically a brand new Beat. In 2009!  For this…

Word. Again.

Monster Motorsports, next to Bee*R in Minami Machida is a good place for Kei-spotting. Here’s another Autozam, with a frothy wee Suzuki lurking in the background…

Just down the road at Up Garage last weekend was another Autozam.

The full cage is one hint that this is a fairly focussed Kei-beast…





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