Takusan Skyline desu.

Posted: January 8, 2011 in car life, Hurui Kuruma, Super Smooth Streeters
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It’s the end of the week and still so many Skylines left. I may just take it upon myself to decree another Skyline Week in the nearish future. As it stands, Ive obliterated my post count of 2010. That has to worth a beverage…

Also, if you’ve been here before I’m assuming you must be confined to quarters and prone to sniffing glue unless asleep. Further to that, you may have noticed that I’ve changed the “theme” of this page. That was because I was sick of the old one cropping my photos so cruelly and this was the first one I found that fit my current bill. I may do some more searching or tweaking. At some stage. Mebbe.

Today is about two years worth of Skylines from one used kuruma emporium – Flyrat in Minami Machida, right next to Up Garage and over the back fence of Tomei on Route 246. I may have posted a couple of these cars before, but for shits & giggles I’ll whack ’em all in the same post this time ‘cos that’s just the way I’m rollin’ these days. Yo.

I’ll post them chronologically, because any other system would tax my feeble intellect too much at this hour…

This overfendr’d R32 was there for quite some months.

Four doors with an iron mask.

It is possible to improve on a clean family tekkamen – by sticking a Truckosuka on the background. This was my second sighting in the metal of a Hakosuka & the first I could capture with my point & shoot soul-stealer. Quite excited, I got.

Just realised that this one has the R30, R32, Hakosuka, C10 racecar and a Z30 in the workshop at the back. You takes yer chances when you gets them…

What’s that under the cover behind the Stagea, R32 & Z32 I wonder…

This sounded almost as badass as the window shaking YonMeri that I kept seeing but never got a photo of…

Things just kept getting better…

This car is perfect.

One of my favourite words. Might just make a t shirt from this.

I’ve never done so much gawping at a single location before.

By this stage Flyrat was starting to cause me physical pain…

Dont care what the badge on the back says. It’s a Skyline.

Fettlin’ chap tolerated my happy-snappery. As they all did really. Slack-jawed yokels probably didnt happen by too often, may have given them all something to laugh at over Kenyobi Nomunication.

Wouldnt it be grand to have that sight greet you when you opened your garage door of a morn’?

T-shirt #2.

Tommy Kaira M30. Wonder where it is now…

The restoSuka that I’ve featured before.

A blissful way to close out the week…

211 reasons to go to work tomorrow…


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