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As of this piece, my new naming convention will be to come up with a vaguely appropriate title, Google translate it in Japanese, then post it on my facebook page @misutasupakuru, then use the fb translate function to finalise the English moniker. In this case: “Bruce worked hard for her kimono and wig.”



It’s an older one (almost a year even), but I stumbled across the photo today and figured that it needed to come out of the shadows…

If I had more time available, maybe it wouldn’t take me 7 months to complete a painting… Still! On to the next one!



More skulls bro. Just can’t help myself. Another faff about with colour – and form! Easy there turbo!


Trying some more stuff with colours. The roundrels are inspired by Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso. Every time we watched it (my wee lad is a huge fan – so we’ve watched it many times) I was planning what colours to paint my roundrels. Now I’m happy. More or less. And if anyone were to shout “Show us yer roundrels!!” at me – I could! Mmmmmm… Roundrels…

Have been working on a few exercises in colour – need to get ’em finished before I start on a new body of work that I’m quite excited about.

Heres on that I finished a week or so ago:


I also started instantgramming . Very exciting.

Was also excited (easy there!) by this – always like Dino’s stuff, unlike some of the other speedhunters (the whiney ones specifically), but this article also touches on some social issues in Japan that echo my thoughts from living there and marrying into the madness…

3 bits of 8 bit

Drew this up 2 years ago. Took way too long to finish. Trying to figure out a way to paint more while being a dad and working a day job…