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It’s quite some time since I drew these us, but this is the last one. Closure bro! and onward and upward!! and pash the antelope!!!



More skulls bro. Just can’t help myself. Another faff about with colour – and form! Easy there turbo!

Here’s another I finished about a year ago. Have started on a bit (heh) of an 8 bit theme – quite a few more in the works, but finding time to paint aint easy yo.





Or one, at least. But no blood. Wondered how that clown would look if I piled it in with a bunch of other stuff


122 123

This is number Ni in the set of Yon.

Whatever could be next?

Surely not…


Of Doom!

Inspired by the last photo in Frank Zappa’s “The Real Frank Zappa”.

Just cant stop meself, really.




The arrival of Spring got me so het up, I even felt the need to create the Zombie Sakura of Doom. 

Spring had really gotten me by the paintbrush, so this poor box was the victim.

That shadow is either my head or my knee. They both look pretty similar.


Subliminal Projects Gallery in LA held a John Van Hamersveld gig, so um, yeah, I did this…

Endless Summer Rules!!!


Still on the Zombie Sakura trip… This might go on for a while.