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As of this piece, my new naming convention will be to come up with a vaguely appropriate title, Google translate it in Japanese, then post it on my facebook page @misutasupakuru, then use the fb translate function to finalise the English moniker. In this case: “Bruce worked hard for her kimono and wig.”



Had been wanting to use the sailboat painting from the Simpson’s living room in a piece for quite a while. Mr Sparkle seemed a good fit. Plus I’d had a request for a Mr Sparkle painting…

If I had more time available, maybe it wouldn’t take me 7 months to complete a painting… Still! On to the next one!


Or one, at least. But no blood. Wondered how that clown would look if I piled it in with a bunch of other stuff


122 123

First painting in a year…

The stripes on the right are inspired by Jeff Koons’ BMW M3 GTR Art Car that ran at Le Mans in the GT2  class this year. I didnt really think about it at the time, but now the juxtaposition of Mr Sparkle (I am the Harsh Nemesis of all that is Unclean!!!) and BaikinMan (baikin being germ in Japanese) now strikes me as right nice.

Of Doom!!!